Call For Abstracts

ERA encourages abstract submission on

  • projects, initiatives, and activities to advance the field of education and business practices
  • promote the use of cutting edge technologies in education and business, especially in time of COVID-19 pandemic.

  • ERABC 2021 Topics

  • Education Theory & Application
    1. Teaching methods
    2. Curriculum, research and development
    3. Pedagogy
  • University - Industry engagement
    1. University-industry training
    2. University-industry partnerships
    3. Translation of research into products
  • Child & family education
  • Higher education
  • Education policy
  • Technology in education & business

  • Publication output :

    Selected papers will be published in :
    1. Future Business Journal (FBUJ) (SPRINGER)-->Rp.10.000.000
    2. Asian Journal of University Education-->Rp.15.000.000
    3. International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research-->Rp.1.500.000
    4. Indonesian Journal of Social Science Research-->Rp.1.500.000
    5. Basic and Applied Education Research Journal-->Rp.1.500.000
    Proceeding :
    1. NST Proceeding-->Rp.500.000
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