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The conference aims to gather stakeholders from educational institutions; business organizations; government agencies and international development organizations to bring about collaborative and strategic partnership between academic institutions and industries. The conference will include keynote talks, business and education collaboration online matching forum, lightning talk from academics, startups & industries, oral parallel sessions, education fair (day 1), and business & industry fair (day 2). The event is a must-attend for anyone working in academics, startup and industry sectors.

Publication output :

Selected papers will be published in :
  1. Future Business Journal (FBUJ) (SPRINGER)-->Rp.10.000.000
  2. Asian Journal of University Education-->Rp.15.000.000
  3. International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research-->Rp.1.500.000
  4. Indonesian Journal of Social Science Research-->Rp.1.500.000
  5. Basic and Applied Education Research Journal-->Rp.1.500.000
Proceeding :
  1. NST Proceeding-->Rp.500.000

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The conference covers the following topics:


  • Education Theory & Application
    1. Teaching methods
    2. Curriculum, research and development
    3. Pedagogy
    4. Learning Theories (behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism, connectivism, humanism)
  • Child & family education
    1. Major primary child development (psychosexual, psychosocial, behavioural, cognitive, attachment, social learning, sociocultural theories)
    2. Parenting style theory (authoriative, anthoritarian, permissive, neglectful style)
    3. Parental involvement, children-parents relationship
  • Higher education
    1. Student development theories and practice (psychosocial, cognitive-knowledge, person-environment, humanistic existential, student development process model)
    2. Mental health of higher education students, overcoming stressful conditions, and psychological approach
    3. Increasing entrepreneur interest among students
  • Education policies and Education-related Business policies
    1. The application of educational integrity (law and rules of the system)
    2. Best curriculum to be practiced, comparison (west-east curriculums, old and new curriculums), construct new model curriculum, different curriculum and policies on different education type
    3. The Government educational budget (for facilities, for teachers salary, for student improvement), its influence, and its practice.
    4. Temporary policies: i.e. during Covid-19, anti-criminal institution policies (juvenile deliquencies, bullying, harrassment, etc.).
    5. The new policy and quality of education-related business: i.e. online tutor, paid online class, qualification of the business, etc.
  • Technology in education & business
    1. Advances in educational technologies or resources, and the application
    2. Education-business partnership
    3. E-learning, Smart App, and online consultant development
  • University - Industry engagement
    1. University-industry training
    2. University-industry partnerships
    3. Translation of research into products
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